Data Information

Data we collect or process about you

  • You name
  • Your email address
  • The school that you work for
  • Your avatar
  • Comments you give on content
  • Ratings and feedback you give on content
  • Browsers you have accessed our website using.
  • Which activities users mark as their favourite
  • Which activities users have viewed recently
  • Which course content users mark as completed
  • Pages you visit and how you interact with them
  • A record of payments you make for Debate Mate Online products

What is our legitimate purpose for collecting this data?

We collect your personal data to identify you for the purpose of giving them access to our debating learning materials if you are a subscriber to our service. We associate licences for viewing our debating learning materials to your email address. This is so that we can identify you when serving our content and to prevent unauthorised users gaining access.


Data Collected Reason we collect it
Email address To identify you and to send essential communication to you, such as your password and information about the products you have purchased.
Your name To address you in communications
The school you work for This is to associate you with the school’s licence and limit the number of licences given per school
Your avatar This is used to visually represent you next to comments.
Comments you gives on content This is your public questions and opinions on our content for other users to read and reply to.
Rating and feedback you give on content We use this to improve our service
Content your recently viewed on Debate Mate Online We process this information to give you easy access to recently viewed content and to show you your progress in our courses. We do not store this information outside of your browser.
Browsers you have accessed our website from This is used to improve our service. By knowing which browsers are used to access the website we can ensure work is put into making the application compatible with those browsers.
Which activities users mark as their favourite This is used to allow us to improve our material and to allow us to give users easy access to these activities.
Which activities users have viewed recently This data is not stored on our servers, only on the users browser and is used to allow users to easily get back to these activities.
Which course content users mark as completed This is used to show users their progress in the course and help them easily pick up where they left off.
Statistics about which pages you visit and how you interact with them This allows us to get an insite into how users are using the platform to allow us to improve our service.
A record of payments you make for Debate Mate Online products We use this for financial reporting, as evidence of your purchases and to produce receipts. We do not store any information about your payment method such as card details.

Right of access

We are able to produce all of the data we collect about an individual user. Please contact us at or using our contact form  to request this information.

Ensuring data is accurate

We validate your email address when you register with us. This is done by sending an email validation link which you must click on.  If you ever change your email we will require you to validate that new email in the same way.

On top of this you have access to view and update profile information from the Account page: From here  you are able to change your details in order to keep them up to date.


All of our software is backed up and kept off of our systems so that in an emergency we are able to restore our application easily and you can get access to your data again.

Data inputted to the website is stored our data database. The entire contents of the database are backed up daily and synchronised with the cloud. This backup file can easily be imported back into a new database to restore your data. The data is fully encrypted using asynchronous RSA 2048 keys and the private key is kept off the server. These backups are only accessible by members of Debate Mate who might need access.

Right to erasure

From the account page of the website you are able to delete your account. Doing this will erase all information about you from our systems. As part of our testing we will check that all user data is removed when the delete button is used.

Sensitive Data

By nature, the data that we collect and process does not qualify as sensitive data as defined by the GDPR.

We do not collect any identifiable information about you until you have registered on our site. As part of the registration process we will ask you for permission to store and use the information that we collect.

You are able to withdraw this consent at any time by deleting your account (See Right to erasure above). Doing this will erase all data we have about you and will also stop our application from collecting more data.


These are the cookies stored in your browser when you use Debate Mate Online;

  1. Google cookies

Used for load balancing, and communication purposes. They expire immediately after the page loads.

  1. Intercom cookies.

These are used to keep your conversations with your mentor or customer support as you move through the website.

  1. Flowplayer (our video plugin) cookies.

This is used to deliver the video and to record statistics around how many plays videos have.

  1. PHP Session ID

This allows us to recognise the same user when they request multiple pages/assets from our website during the same session. We need this to ensure the correct content is sent to you. This information is deleted when you close your internet browser.

  1. WordPress login cookie

This is an authentication cookie, used to identify the user once they have logged.

  1. Activities visited

This is used to record which activities you have seen since logging in. It is used to create a list of your recently viewed activities so that you can easily get back to them.

  1. Previous Post Visited Cookie

This is used to track which post you were most recently looking at. When you submit a rating and feedback from other parts of the website, this cookie is used to associate the most recently seen post to the rating. We do not store this information elsewhere and it is removed when you log out, or after the you have left a rating, or if the you opt out of giving a rating.

Monitoring & Data Breaches

We have monitoring set up to ensure visibility of any data breaches. In the event that a data breach occurs, on discovering it we will inform all users within 72 hours.