Build Confidence with Debate-Led Teaching

Debate Mate Online is a brand new digital platform that supports teachers in using dialogic and debate-led teaching through the Debate Mate methodology.

We provide online CPD courses, an instructional activity library and expert mentoring on how to embed debate-led teaching into your curriculum.

Transform your classroom!

Our CPD courses help you embed our world class debate-led techniques into your lessons.

Debate Mate Online Features

High Impact Activities

50+ bitesized videos to teach you high impact classroom activities.

The Classroom

CPD courses to help you embed our techniques into your classes.

Expert Support

The Education Team at Debate Mate, and our network of global mentors, are always on hand to help you out.

The Debate Chamber

Build a stellar debate club with our CPD, Motion Bank and collection of Debating Fundamentals.

The Debate Mate resources are fantastic and you can pretty much just pick them up and use them, they are oven ready!

English Teacher
Dagenham Park School (Kate Noble)

In my class last year, the parents were constantly talking about how much their children had gained in confidence, how much they were speaking up more at home, how much they were happier in school and that was all because of Debate Mate!

Head of Oracy
Elmhurst Primary School (Samuel Creighton)

My students absolutely love using Debate Mate activities!

English Teacher
Dagenham Park School (Zael Litgerwood)

It gives them intellectual confidence, to come up with an argument and follow it through, to use evidence and to stand their ground not equivocate

Head of Oracy
Elmhurst Primary School (Samuel Creighton)

It makes a huge difference!

English Teacher
Sacred Heart School (Kate Noble)

Amazing experience which has really helped me to develop a cross-curricular approach to debating.

Fredrick Gent School

Debate Mate is entertaining and informative, a great balance of theory and practice. I feel well equipped to take debating to my school with a fresh understanding of what the children experience

Campie Primary School

Fun, engaging, informative and I feel even more enthusiastic about debating myself now!