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Debate Mate Online is a platform which provides world-class training in debate-led dialogic teaching to accelerate student progress and develop key 21st Century skills such as critical and creative thinking, communication and confidence.

Can your students compete will robots in the 21st century?

The rise of artificial intelligence has been met with fear in many quarters. Algorithms, machine-learning and robotics are seen as a threat to jobs around the world. In January 2017, McKinsey & Company reported that 30% of tasks in 60%… [read more]

What are 21st Century Skills?

It’s common to hear the phrase 21st Century skills thrown around. For some, it has achieved buzzword status but behind panicking Op-eds and special committees lies a core truth: the way in which we relate to each other as a… [read more]

Don’t Have a Debate Club – What are you doing?

The power of debate is a settled matter. Indeed, study after study has shown that debating develops students’ key 21st entury skills such as critical and creative thinking, communication, leadership, collaboration, strategic teamwork, problem-solving and quick-thinking. All of these are… [read more]

Teaching 21st Century skills in STEM?

There’s a tendency to think of 21st Century skills as only relevant to the arts and humanities; however, the skills required to thrive in the 21st Century are essential components of any effective STEM education. Problem-solving, critical and creative thinking,… [read more]